Monday, September 7, 2009


It usually storms here at in the late afternoon. Yesterday we had the biggest, loudest, wettest, windiest storm since I've been in Oman. The rain came down so hard that our hallway and front rooms flooded. The electricity went out and lightening hit so close to our house we could feel the boom.

All in all though, it was sort of fun. In any case, it was absolutely beautiful. The mountains filled with rivers of water, cutting down the ravines into the wadis.

Here are some pictures. You can see the rain obscuring the mountains behind. The canyon you see is about 100 meters behind our house.


SilverJewelOman said...

lucky you weren't here during gonu then - you might have had a bit more water than that!

Clare said...

Hi Silver Jewel,
I'm sure! I came just after that. Where you hear then?