Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Banana Republic

While Banana Republic is (somewhat embarrassingly from a cheap labor point of view) my favorite clothing store, I am now speaking about my house. I never new that my man was such a plant aficionado, but much to my surprise he came home yesterday with a banana tree, a pomegranate tree, a desert flower bush, an aloe plant and several pots of herbs.

He's not done yet either, I think.

It's amazing what making the right friends does to you. Our town is home to one of the best plant nurseries in Oman. Yusef's place is like a desert oasis and can brighten your day through its colors and refreshingly clean air. The smell of wet dirt is so strong in a place where it rarely rains. When you live in an (albeit beautiful) sand-pit, flowers take on a certain importance, an almost therapeutic quality. I'm looking forward to creating my own roof-top "banana republic" with a little help from Yusef.

The owner also happens to be a violinist in the Omani orchestra.

It's just proof you can find little gems of culture everywhere.

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beefriends said...

Growing plants and trees are well known to improve human mood and behavior wherever they are present. In poor urban areas, if trees are planted and gardens are available, the crime rate tends to go down. (I'm not sure how that applies to Detroit, large parts of which are basically a woodlot) So hang out with the plants, Clare, when you feel down.
What kinds of insects do you have there? Any bees?