Sunday, September 6, 2009

Don't Copy!!

In another of our wonderful staff meetings, it was announced that photocopying is illegal. From now on the photocopy machine will be available only from 8-10 AM, controlled by a massive, greasy, foul-smelling and totally incompetent Egyptian man whom everyone avoids. The room is about the size of a Port-O-Potty.
We are to queue from 8-10 (even those who have classes at that time) to do all our photocopying. Only we must now fill out a form and get signatures to have everything approved beforehand.

As George pithily said at the meeting, after we had all been handed a single photocopying permission slip: "Can you tell us how we are to make copies of the permission form?... because we will have to fill it out to get permission to copy it."

I don't think there was a response.

Perhaps after things descend into utter photocopying chaos a week from now, something will change.


Jet Driver said...

Hello there!

Nice blog!

Drop over and see us if you haven't already.


Jennifer H. said...

Haha; that's funny. It just reminds me so much of Alhekma. We now have a tiny photocopy room too (maybe the size of 2 porto pottys) among other structural and policy changes that make no sense at all.

Clare said...

Yay meaningless structural and policy changes!! Gotta love it.