Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heat and Lies

Just for the record, the Gulf is much hotter than reported on CNN.

Yesterday I was watching the news, and the weather lady read a message she had received from a fellow Gulf viewer. I said "It is already so hot here and it's only early June! Can it really get much hotter??" She respond, blithely if I may say so myself, that he should pipe down because it's going to get much hotter. It's only 38 C, she said.


It was 53 C in Muscat 2 days ago. That 127 F, people.

In Bahrain, it's actually a government policy that newspapers and journals are not allowed to report temperatures above 50 C, because at that temperature it is also a policy that laborers do not have to work. So, of course, it never gets that hot.

Don't worry, I'm not bitter though. I'm just a little toasty.