Friday, December 11, 2009

Post-Eid Stupor

The year is almost over (hijri and miladi!) and I don't know where the time has gone.
Since Eid, I have been in a time warp, or maybe I'm still coming off of the consumption of too much meat and other substances that can cause trouble in excess that dominated my Eid vacation.

In any case, things are settling down again. Although I'm afraid only to be again shaken up by Christmas and New Years. Fun can be exhausting, especially in Oman, especially in my small town, where I feel the need to party like a rock star every opportunity I get...

As for other news, the progress on my book is gruelingly slow, but I'm getting there. In the meantime, I'm spending far too long procrastinating reading everybody else's writing. Getting ideas, you know? I need some holiday blessings of motivation and focus.

Perhaps it is the disarming calm of my neighborhood as of late that has taken me off my guard. Remember the monster children? where to be seen. Mixed blessings. Maybe I feed off the drama, at least creatively. Chronic social conflict inspires me in a weird sort of way. Although I did have something of a falling out (more like one-sided screaming match) with the Indian construction workers next door who seemed to think it was ok to come into my yard without asking to finish the wall they were building. That wouldn't be okay in any part of the world, right? Or am I unconsciously becoming like the women around me whose biggest concern if burglarized is if their hair is covered. Seriously...I was told that by a group of very modest ladies. Let's hope not.

Send good wishes for my writer's block/massive procrastination to disappear.