Saturday, September 12, 2009

Salalah Plans

Next week over vacation for Eid al Fitr, we will be be driving to Salalah, the beautiful tropical city in the southern tip of Oman.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps a reader from Salalah or someone who has taken the trip before? We will be camping out along the eastern coast on our way down and camping in the desert on our way back.

Any hints are welcome as to where to stay, interesting sites, beautiful beaches, etc.



Viper said...

i suggest you take the coast road not the old road to salalah which you can see in Google earth and it start from Sinaw and drive south from there,
there is lots of interesting beaches on the way:
* Ras Madraka Beach
* Sharbithat
* Manji
* Shuwaimiah fish heaven

Clare said...

Thanks a lot for the info! Sound like great places to see. We will spend several days camping down the coast. The beaches sound fantastic.