Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Reminder


In my current, thankfully temporary, situation of exam creation frenzy and Lawrence-esque chaos, I need a breath of fresh air. Unable to escape, I resorted to looking at pictures I took of Oman in freeer times. It reminded me of how stunning this country really is, despite albeit major glitches in organization and functionality. Hope you enjoy this picture of a stairway through the mountains. If you want to see more, please do check out my web albums (recently updated) at:
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Hiatus Chaos

Sorry to all my readers for the hiatus in posts. I've been swamped with work for the Ministry of High Education, creating final exams for all of the Colleges of Applied Science in Oman. It's quite a hassle, not to mention the refusal of our administration to lower our work hours despite the perhaps extra 15-20 hours a week that we've been putting in each of the past 2 weeks.

The cross-college meetings held to discuss our progress are bizarrely "Lawrence of Arabia" -esque. If you happen to remember the end of the film, it holds an uncanny resemblance to the unbridled chaos wrought by the Arab leaders in Damascus. A room full of stubborn people who think they have more authority than they actually do, better ideas than they actually do, and are utterly unwilling to compromise.

After catching my breath, I will be back in full force with overdue updates on everything from to the Dubai economic crash to a very interesting Ayurvedic massage.