Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To The Expats--A Return

Dear Readers (if you're still reading),
I'm back on the radar after my life turning completely upside-down for the last 3 months. Mashallah it is getting back on track (no, details, sorry!)
My appendix operation is all better, for those of you who have asked. All went well in Rustaq hospital so it seems, despite the shoddy painkillers and lack of bedside manners.

While getting my expat feet back on the ground, which is not always easy, I've been thinking a lot about why we are all here. Some of us are here for the money. Some are here for the cultural and linguistic experience (I think that's just me in the minority there). Some are here because they got moved here against their wish by their company. Some are here...because...they can't seem to leave. These lost expats are the most intriguing to me. At what point do we make the decision to leave, to stay, or to not make a decision? It's almost like many expats stay on here on accident.

I'm sure you have all met someone, or several people, like that, who has been here so long that they don't remember how many years it's been, or why they came in the first place.

Oman is beautiful. The people are friendly and welcoming. It's safe. There is a lot to do, especially for us outdoorsy types. We all know this. But who wants to stay here long term? Do I? Who's biding their time, who's making progress?

Please excuse my nervous expat angst.....any thoughts anyone, expat or not?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In my case I only came for the money, literally couldn't find the place on a map until after I flew here for interviews. However, after just a few years, it is becoming easier and easier to stay. The advantages of a well-paid, untaxed salary for comparatively little work is hard to match back home. Does this make me a lost expat, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

It seems that when faced with a chance to make a decision which leads back into the unknown or remain somewhere familiar, even if we dislike the location, the company and the pay of our current state, the fear of failure and the uncertain, coupled with the oft lazy compliance into which we can fall when lulled from our true dreams, keeps us trapped and dulls our excitement and drive to acomplish new things that used to truly excite us.

Dan said...

well.. well.. well... I will say it is time to move, once you have achieved most of your goals there, otherwise you can get stuck there or just in a comfortable situation, then is is when it is time to move somewhere else and look for some new adventures and learn more about other languages, cultures and get new experiences.


you may never imagine the kind of hospital care you get in america. i am also sad about it