Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Donate Blood

Today I decided to be a good "Omani" citizen and give blood at the local hospital, the same place I had my appendix out. I went with two friends from work, and was, as usual, a little apprehensive of what the hospital treatment would be like.

It was quite different than giving blood in America. The initial questionnaire form was similar (sans the question about having sex in Africa). However, I had to run half way across the hospital to find the person who would take my blood pressure, and then they wanted to give me a physical before I gave blood, but I protested, and the doctor stamped my form anyways.

The actual giving of blood went very quickly, largely due to the extremely thick needle that was jabbed into my arm. On the upside, though, the bleeding went very fast, and I was out of their in no time. Perhaps it's just the summer heat coming on that made my blood flow so fast. In any case, I thought I would surely faint, but I didn't.

The young male Omani nurse was jovial and did a good job. He did seem, however, quite confused when I suggested to him that the hospital should post blood donation signs around (like at the college). He didn't look thrilled about the potential extra work that would bring in for him. Nevertheless, I managed to get him to give me 3 posters to put up where I want, in hopes that more people will give it is not well advertised in Oman.

Donate blood!

Be a good citizen (even if you're not Omani!)


Karim said...

We do these campaigns in the oil field where I work every so often, and we always end up using all the bags that mobile blod bank brings, and I keep on telling them that they need to bring at least 100 bags, but they then tell me it will take a whole day, and they cant spend a night in the oilfield, against ministry of labour law prohibiting women from sleeping iver in oil fields.

We have a large number of willing doners with forearms the size of a thick log.

Clare said...

Too bad the nurses can't stay there to get all the blood from you think armed men! The more the better. Why isn't it better advertised in Oman?