Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pretty Rural

I've never lived anywhere this rural before. We are as far out as you can get from town and most of the people living in this area are from the wadis, the deep mountain canyons/river beds that are the oldest places that people have lived in Oman. Here's a couple pictures of what surrounds our house.


beefriends said...

It looks so dry, and empty!

Johan said...

Hello from Holland

Clare said...

Hi Johan! Thanks for reading.

Clare said...

It is dry and empty!

Anonymous said...

I can hazard a guess or two as to where you actually are, but honestly I cannot even begin to guess what your surrounding neighbours make of you.

-Omani in US

Clare said...

Dear Omani in the US--
Welcome. Yes, we are something of the neighborhood freaks...but given that MOST of them are very sweet to us. I should be more positive. But it's still impossible sometimes!