Saturday, August 29, 2009

Easy or Not?

Sometimes when you're relatively settled and established in a different place, like we are in Oman, it's easy to forget that everyday is still a challenging cultural learning experience. We've got a nice new house, two cars, TV, good food, a job, mountain bikes, good books, things to do, and each other. Isn't that all people need, and then some?! I wouldn't be able to afford all that if I lived in the States.

Why is it then that I (and so many others) seem to carry around an inordinate amount of stress and fatigue?

It's easy to forget how tiring it is just living here. Dealing with drama and chaos at the college, struggling to communicate with the Indian cable guy, getting gawked at when you're just trying to buy some milk. It takes it out of you.

Even though this society is very slow-going, we have to remember to take it easy and to give ourselves a break.

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