Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving to the Big City

I arrived back in Oman this week, and am finally living in Muscat. For some reason, the weather isn't as blisteringly hot as I expected. This is my third Omani summer and I think I might actually be getting used to the 50 degree weather, as impossible as that sounds. In any case, it's great to be back.

While I was away on holiday, I realized that Oman sort of feels like home now. I missed my flat here, my friends, and even just Oman. I never thought I would feel homesick for Oman, but maybe this means I've finally graduated to being a real dyed-in-the-wool expat.

I've started a new job as well, and am relieved that the environment is professional, cheerful and delightfully not insane. If you've read my previous posts about my work and a particular few of my anonymous colleauges at Rustaq College, you know what I'm talking about. No doubt this job as any will have it's pitfalls, but I so happy to be in a professional, efficent and friendly environment. It's tough to find that here.

Although even in the three days I've been back in the country, I've already had several of those "God, I hate this country!" moments, overall, being away really made me appreciate a lot about this place. The people are friendly, life is calm. the beach is always 10 minutes away, and being late isn't a crime. While there is plenty to frustrate you, especially during Ramadan for non-Muslims, this place really isn't so bad....

....of course, however, in the weeks and months to come I'll do plenty of complaining. Maybe Muscat and I are just in our honeymoon phase. We'll see how long it lasts before we get sick of each other.


Anonymous said...

You've surely heard the joke:
What's the difference between an expat and a racist?

About three weeks...

Welcome back.

Clare said...

Yep, I've heard it. Definitely some truth there. We'll see how I feel 3 three weeks from now;)

Anonymous said...

Adding to the joke about racism and expat. Part 2 is..injustice,stigma and descrimination against expats, which is institutionalised in Oman. Hence on an average expat is "perceived" racist by Omanis in the spirit of blaming expats for every ill of Omani society.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see that there is so much to complain about to be honest. And what really is so frustrating about Ramadan? It is a mere 30 days of the year, I really don't get the fuss. Welcome back and good luck with your new job.