Monday, November 2, 2009

Wrong and Wrong

I don't want to make any enemies here, but I feel compelled to comment on an article that I just read which was linked into "A Learning Muslimah"'s blog.

It praises the place of women in Islamic countries and speaks of the horrors of the life of a Western woman.

I titled this "Wrong and Wrong" because in my opinion, the author (an American Christian woman) is totally wrong about women here in the Arab world, and is also totally wrong about women in America.

She glamorizes, idealizes, paints almost a fantasy life of what she thinks really goes on here, while on the other side she describes an equal but opposite mis-representation of women in America.

There is always more than what meets the eyes. And besides, what is written is not even what meets the eye, if you've actually lived in both places.

Gotta look deeper, babe. That's all I can say.

Read it here:


ynotoman said...

it would be interesting to read her blog - but like a Hareem - its a 'protected blog' locked to outsiders

Clare said...

really? you can't copy that link and open the article? or you can't get into her blog? how come I can?....I'm an 'outsider' too!:)

Kapil said...

Utter trash.

I think I'll go leave a comment about how 'nicely' the women are treated in Arabia.

Register on some of the forums of Oman, and this is all you'll see always

Beating their own drum all the time. Bigging things that dont exist.

Clare said...

Yeah. So "nicely".
Any massive generalizations like that are so dangerous for any group of people.

Ovais Khan said...

i belong to a muslims culture. when i was in the states i also had these fantasies that back home everything is so much better. it was an real eye opener for me when i came back from US. i saw the reality and how horrible things really were!

i was wondering if this same effect will/does happen to you guys when you go back to US?

ynotoman said...

the link copies - but at the end is her blog

and having tried again - and been blocked - it really is like forbidden fruit - what can be going on behind Joanna's locked door

Clare said...

Hmm, very interesting. It's blocked for me as well....

There's evidently something very special going on back there.

I guess we're not invited.
Oh well.


Clare said...

I even signed up to WordPress and I still can't get it. Very suspicious.

Rania said...

Dear Clare, you have left me soooo curious. What did she write? Let me know if you ever get to the bottom of this. :)