Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling Lost Too...

Everyone who's an expat knows that you feel a little lost now and then. Where do you belong? In your home country? In the last place you lived? Here?
Relationships are both destroyed and strengthened. I have lost touch with many people, but I am convinced that my relationship with my husband couldn't possibly have developed the same depth without extensive and challenging travel together.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing? Should you go home? Does it matter? Are you happy here?

There are so many questions that spin through my (and I would venture to say, most expats' heads) especially when you're feeling down.

ExpatMum got me thinking about these questions again morning over my coffee (as if I needed reminding!) Check out here post here:

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Henrick-James Borger said...

Wow, do I know the feeling. But really were always in transit, in flux. It's just a little more apparent with the reality of bieng what seems locally misplaced. I try to remember just what I sought to get out of the whole journey in the first plce, and concentrate on why Im here. On what I have to gain from the experience and not what I've sacrificed'. Plus these feelings come and go, and if they don't then mayby its time to find a new place.