Sunday, October 18, 2009

That's That

Well, I've gotten a few comments now suggesting we should move. The bureaucracy and red tape here would make the nearly impossible at this point considering the way our employment/contract is set up. I'll keep it in mind though. In the meantime I'll keep crossing my fingers and locking the door.

Let me add a disclaimer here though:

Despite the recent events and recent posts, I do not hate Oman or Omanis. I don't think that all Omanis are bad parents and that all Omani children are little monsters. I still think that Oman is a beautiful and diverse country (albeit with its problems like any country). I am making an effort to differentiate between the part and the whole. Between our current dilemma and my overall impression.

Burned-out but Recovering (inshallah)


Anonymous said...

You may use part or the whole advice depending on the situation. It is recommended that a "Man" does this.

1) Identify the leader (probably the oldest one)
2) Next time they come over let everyone leave except him.
3) Lock the door and give him a good beating.
4) Take his clothes off and take pictures. (optional)
5) Hang him upside down from the roof.

Whatever it takes to make him cry and be scared to death.

When he starts crying stop the procedure after a few minutes. Then talk to him softly and explain how you are his friend and he should not come here again. Also, tell him that you will not tell this to anyone.

Let him go.

If the parents confront you, which i doubt they will, deny all accusations with a smile.

I was hung upside down from the roof when I was a kid. It works.

Clare said...

Hah yes. Don't give me ideas.