Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mothers vs. Children

Well, it's been almost a week since the original children fiasco/break-in, and several days since the boy hit me in front of his placid mother (who was giving me Omani treats to eat).

Of course this means that I have her plates. As per cultural rules in most societies, it's about time that I return the dishes with something sweet as well.

Helwiyat Amrikiya? Chocolate Chip Cookies? Banana bread? We'll see. I still feel weird engaging with them, but I don't see much choice. Do you? I want to be friendly, I really do, but the continuing inappropriate behavior of her posse of children leaves me unenthusiastic.

So I really have no choice though, seeing as I am indeed invading their neighborhood?

I guess I'm making cookies tonight...


Undercover Dragon said...


Great blog.

What about buying a water pistol and shooting the little bastards?

They are obviously just fascinated with the local white folks.

Anonymous said...

These posts about the children raise the question: Is Mr. Dad out of the picture?

-Omani in US

Clare said...

Dear U.D.
I have considered it....maybe a fire hose??

and Omani in the US
Interesting that you ask that, and I actually have never seen the Dad, nor has my husband.. Hm..