Friday, September 4, 2009

Opps.. No Power Opps.. No Classes

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I glanced out the window at the workers constructing a house next door. All of a sudden a dump truck lifted its rear and wiped out the power lines.

One can only guess when that will get fixed. George connected a long power cord to the refridgerator, but my landlord is (as usual) no where to be found. Hopefully it won't get too toasty inside.

On the professional side of things, today is the unofficial fist day of class. Last Saturday was the official first day. But still today some classes have no students. This time is is not the students' fault. Last week Saturday the students where here, it was the college that was utterly unprepared. The teachers did not have their schedules. Not even all the teachers were even in Oman yet.

It was actually sort of endearing when one lone first year boy would show up, excited and naive to his first college class, to meet his new classmates--and there is no class to be found. It's got to be sort of a let down.

We shall see what happens today.

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