Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The News, continued...

My point in my last blog was not at all to glorify all Muslims, so telling me to read news articles about Muslims doing bad things is not a counter argument.

There are indeed bad Muslims....but there are also bad Christians, bad Jews, bad Hindus, bad athiests, bad aborigenies, bad all sorts of people.

Discriminating against a group of people based on a minority is NEVER a good idea. This goes for Muslims now in the post-9/11 world.

But it also goes for all other groups of people. For example, Muslims should not hate all Jews and demonize all Jews because some Jews hurt them.

Blacks should not hate all Christians because the KKK did horrible things to them.

Whites in America should not hate all blacks because of bad experiences with a few gangs.

You get my point?

Chances are that the Ground Zero Mosque would in fact be for American Muslims a place of peace and hope, not of continuted triumph over the western infidels.


Anonymous said...

Can you arrange a blog contest of sort, wherein muslims shall find what is good in Bible and Christians shall find what is good in Quran. That could be positive start. Once momentum builds up.. then Muslims and Christians should find what is good in religeous book of JEWS and JEWS can find out what is good in Bible and Quran. Thus far it can go in other than blog medium too. This is called as Abrahimical reconciliation part 1.

Anonymous said...

The Park51 project does NOT include a mosque as the Tea Party says, but only a Prayer Hall where members of the Center can say their 5-times-daily prayers. A mosque cannot forbid entry by any Moslem but access to a Prayer Hall can and will be restricted to members of the Center.

Read here:

"The most controversial aspect of the scheme – its Muslim prayer space, which would occupy two floors in the basement – will not be a mosque at all as the construction of the building does not satisfy the stringent requirements for a sanctified mosque."

And here:

"As far as a prayer space for Muslims, that will be located in the basement, in a room technically known as a musalla and not a mosque. A musalla is a prayer hall, but because the constraints of the construction do not allow the sanctification of a true mosque, only a musalla will be included."

So where's the mosque? And even if it IS a mosque, is this a game of "My god is better than your god"?